Wandering Study

Founders' Story

Why We're Here


We film for adventurers, because we’re adventurers, too.

We're based in Los Angeles, but we're regularly on the road.

The common thread throughout all our work is finding the moments, people, and stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. We are all inundated and oversaturated with images, advertisements, news pieces, and constant media. And yet, there’s so much in our world we’re still not seeing. 

We dove into video in 2011 when we flew to Ethiopia to find a story about Africa that didn’t involve famine, war, and poverty. We didn’t have much of a plan beyond that, but we did come home with the story of the first 3D animation team in the region.

When we’re filming weddings, we capture the interactions that may only last a fraction of a second between people who have come together in joy. (We love that.) When we’re traveling the world, we ask a lot of questions about how other people live. We’ve learned that we can find amazing people with unbelievable stories if we’re patient, vulnerable, and open enough to listen. 

We dig finding people and places that don’t necessarily fit into the mainstream idea of what warrants airtime, eyeballs, and attention. We're choosing to utilize our powerful skills and voice to help others tell their own story.

 Here’s more about us and our journeys:

How We Met


We’re Briana & David. We met in 2008 working together as lifeguards. One morning, Briana led a lengthy diatribe against her least favorite book. That book turned out to be David’s favorite. And as we all know, nothing fuels romance like bitter disagreements about literature. 


Briana is a sociologist by schooling, a writer for always, and she brings to the camera an awareness and appreciation for the tiniest moments that happen when people interact. She’s been traveling since she was a kid and will happily discuss the merits of her favorite places, namely: New Zealand, Burma, and Joshua Tree. One time she fell down a steep mountain staircase in China, did (what felt like) several flips midair, and landed flat on her back in a monastery, where a monk wearing curly-toed slippers offered her a peach. She accepted the fruit and now considers that story an apt metaphor for her life in general. 

She’s currently feeling surprisingly nonplussed about writing her own bio in the third person.

David is one of those rare superhumans who’s an artist and also mechanically inclined. He’s the unflappable voice of reason to Briana’s arm-flapping giddiness. He’s perpetually on the hunt for good surf and has been known to paddle out sans wetsuit in the wintertime just to keep himself on his (hopefully not frostbitten) toes. He has a knack for creatively utilizing every nook and cranny of his living space and for creating video magic with his wizardly editing skills.  He can make friends (particularly of the senior citizen variety) anywhere in the world as he sits on the sidewalk and draws.

You should check out some of his sketches.



We started Wandering Study as a travel blog eight years ago to keep our loved ones updated as we traveled the country in our beloved 1986 Volvo Wagon (RIP). It has since evolved into the space where we share our adventures and showcase our storytelling services.

Well-meaning people have advised us for years that we better get our travels “out of our system” before we grow up/graduate/get married/have kids. I guess we’re doing it wrong, because the need for adventures is still raging strong. 

The Rest of the Story

A month after we started dating, Briana moved to Tanzania. (Oops.) David hit the road, too, and left for an epic surf trip across France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Briana was totally in love with David (though she wouldn’t admit it at the time). This wee four-legged friend nearly made up for missing him. 

Briana was totally in love with David (though she wouldn’t admit it at the time). This wee four-legged friend nearly made up for missing him. 

David insisted he was too busy walking/surfing/sketching/shivering to miss Briana, but he has recently admitted the truth.

David insisted he was too busy walking/surfing/sketching/shivering to miss Briana, but he has recently admitted the truth.

We kept in touch for five months exclusively via snail mail. Briana lived in a village without running water or direct mail access, so emphasis on the “snail.”

Over the next four years, we explored the country in our trusty $800 Volvo, camped the beaches of Costa Rica in a makeshift tent after we were robbed of our actual tent, filmed a documentary in Ethiopia, traveled the length of New Zealand, worked a summer in Thailand and Laos, and came back home to officially start our video business.  


That New Year's Eve, we got hitched in front of our best people on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles. (We also had a Thai wedding blessing ceremony just the two of us while we were in Southeast Asia—a story for another day.)


("David and Briana, you look so effortlessly graceful and put-together here!” you might be thinking right about now. That is the magic of an excellent wedding photographer—Juan Turcios, in this case, who made us look downright elegant.)

Shortly thereafter we welcomed small human number one into the world. We feared he might signal the end of our adventures, but alas, he only opened our eyes to the slower, smaller joys of exploring. The kid's had some good times in his first three years:


Small human number two joined the party just after the new year in 2016. He will also be going on epic adventures as soon as we can nail down a photo that fits the US Passport Agency’s requirements for a “neutral facial expression.” 


That’s a peek into our lives. If you made it all the way down here, we’d certainly love to hear about you. Do say hello!