Wandering Study

About You

About You:


You’re an adventure seeker, roadtripper, round the world traveler, film buff (filmmaker!), free spirit, outdoor explorer, or creative soul.

You want to capture living, moving, real moments from your wedding that you can watch for years to come but don’t like the idea of several cameras in your face.

You love gorgeous details but have a feeling you’ll cherish most the small, candid moments that’ll happen on your wedding day when your people interact. 

You’re excited for the wedding, because it signals the start of a life with your favorite person and many years of shenanigans to come.

If that sounds about right, please get in touch.


Wedding Favorites

We do a happy dance about getting to film the following: 

  • national park weddings
  • outdoor elopements
  • custom, heartfelt vows
  • nerdy references 
  • outdoor ceremonies in golden afternoon light
  • desert scenes
  • dance floors so enthusiastic we fear for the safety of ourselves and our gear

Wish List

If you're getting married here, we'd love to come along...

  • Joshua Tree
  • Big Sur 
  • Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse 
  • Iceland 
  • Yosemite
  • New Zealand
  • Redondo Beach (our hometown) 
  • off the beaten path, anywhere in the world 

If we're a match, send us an e-mail, and we'll talk details!



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