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Family Video: For When a Holiday Card Just Isn’t Going to Happen…


The year Atty was born, I knew I was going to send out holiday cards for the first time. It was David’s and my first married holiday season, baby was due in December, and I figured I’d have myself together enough to send a birth announcement/New Year’s card at the very least. We didn’t know if were having a boy or girl, so we even mocked up several designs of our holiday birth announcement just to be prepared.

The adorable turquoise envelopes I bought for those holiday cards are still sitting in a drawer, and I want to give my well-meaning, still childfree, completely oblivious self of three years ago a mildly condescending hug. 

I still haven’t ever sent out holiday cards (or birth announcements for either of my kids…sorry, boys). Luckily, around Atty’s first birthday, I realized David and I had been shooting short video clips of Atty all year, like any good first time parent/professional videographer should. I compiled the clips into one video highlighting our favorite moments from his first year:


The next year, with baby number two on the way, I figured I might as well play to my strengths and officially abandon my holiday card making dreams in favor of a sweet yearly recap video. Here’s what we came up with:


These videos are officially a yearly tradition in our household--stay tuned for a recap of 2016. You know, once the year is actually through. (There's a lot of cute brother snuggling and some unfortunate parent fails caught on camera so far.)