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Are you organizing an event worth capturing? 

We’re a team of documentary videographers here to film the moments, the faces, and the details of your event.

We’re here to help you share the excitement of your event, memorialize the important people in your industry, and spread the word about your work.

Why have event video?

You’ve spent countless hours putting together an extraordinary event. This is one of the few times the people of your organization and your supporters will gather in once place. Industry leaders will be talking to the audiences you care about most. 

With conference video, we can help you:

  • Showcase what’s unique about your event
  • Tell the story of your organization
  • Share conference moments with those unable to attend the event
  • Target your ideal audience & build excitement for future events

Video Options

Highlights Videos: Capture what it’s like to attend your event

We utilize our background in documentary filmmaking to operate as a low footprint team, capturing the important moments throughout your event in an unobtrusive manner. 

We then build a 2-3 minute video highlights video to showcase the candids moments from your conference. We don’t do stiff and awkward, but we will create a video that reflects the mood of your event and stays true to the story of your organization.


Session Capture: Commemorate and share the messages of your industry’s top speakers

We offer full coverage of keynote, plenary, and session talks throughout your event. We provide 2-4 camera angles depending on the size of the room, so you receive full talk coverage— slideshow presentations included.



Short Documentary Film: Dive deep into the story of your organization—to share with attendees, stakeholders, and supporters 

We interview the key leaders of your organization, include historical documents, and create a 10-20 minute video that covers who you are, how you started, and the future of your organization.


Past Clients: