Wandering Study

South Bay Business Video

Hey, there! Thanks for checking us out.

We're a documentary video team local to the South Bay, and we love helping local businesses tell their stories when we are home.

Here's More About Us:

We got our start in the video world through documentaries that took us all around the world—our first project was in Ethiopia. 

We’re back in the South Bay now, and when we’re not working on documentaries, we produce event and business promo videos.

We love sitting down and interviewing people—we specialize in working with folks who aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera. (We are not super comfortable in front of the camera, so we know what it feels like!) Email us for more info. 

Here's what you get:

  • A 2-4 minute promo video you can use on your site and platforms that helps your customers get to know you better and see what you're capable of

  • 3 social media edits

  • 25 website/social media ready photos

Here's what it costs:


Here are some of our favorite videos:

You can shoot us an email at david@wanderingstudy.com to continue the conversation!