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so you're getting hitched...

You're about to have a HUGE day with some of your favorite people in one place. There will be big hugs and real laughs, and maybe your parents' voices will crack as they hug you and your new spouse. There will definitely be a lot of flailing as your college friends converge on the dance floor at the end of the night, and you'll never forget the look on your Person's face when you catch a glimpse of each other as your ceremony starts. 

We capture the movement, the sounds, and the feel of those moments in a way only documentary video can. Plus, we do it without shoving cameras in your face while you're trying to commit to your partner for life. 

the videos

Story Edit:

This is a 4-7 minute video showcasing the very best, most fun, super-emotional moments from your wedding day in a format you can watch over and over (and over!) and share with everyone you love. We (not so) secretly love to relive past weddings we've filmed, and we watch these story videos all the time. As Melissa and Joe will make clear below, you probably will, too.  

We were freaking out last night watching this. I have watched the story edit and the footage a THOUSAND times and I love it every. single. time. I’m sobbing every time I see it, and it’s just so perfect. Joe couldn’t be happier. Thank you both SO INSANELY much.”
— Melissa

Documentary scenes:

Just wanted to second what Melissa said - the video is amazing! I was worried about having cameras in my face and not sure I needed a video - but boy was I wrong. It’s so amazing to have this footage and it was shot beautifully!
— Joe
I made the mistake of watching the videos just now...at work! And I cried my eyes out. Thank you so so much!
— Hayley

Sometimes these videos make you cry. (See above. We warned you.) In addition to the Story Edit, we also create five wedding day scenes from throughout your day. These are 2-4 minutes each and delve deeper into the most special parts of the day. We'll document the voices, the dance moves, the conversations, and the vibe throughout the day. We'll work together to brainstorm which parts of the day you'd like captured in full (Getting ready! Family performances during dinner! A rabbi dance-off!)...but we're always totally ready to capture surprise moments, too. 

Ready to book or have more questions? Fill out this form, and we can talk details like availability & pricing. We can't wait to hear all about you and the shindig you're planning. 

What’s in our wedding videos: 

  • You and your spouse-to-be holding each other tight when you see each other for the first time on wedding day. You and your new spouse hugging EVERYONE when you greet your guests as a married couple during cocktail hour. Mini-family reunions converging as a giant six-person hug, with you in the middle. Your dad engulfing you in a giant bear hug after he gave a speech during dinner that totally made you cry. (Okay, just lots of hugging.) 
  • Genuine laughs. Wedding joy + yummy drinks= goofy, happy people throwing their heads back for a giggle.
  • Adorable moments you might not have seen the first time around. Read: you’ll be busy having some big moments (like, erm, committing to your favorite person for life), but your families and friends will be still be fist-bumping and meeting for the time and helping each other put on bow-ties throughout the day.
  • Dance floor shenanigans. Sometimes we fear for our own safety/our equipment. We love this. Bonus points for grandmas and tiny children who know how to bust a move. 


What you won't see:

  • Slow, gliding footage of your ceremony chairs being set up.
  • Posed shots of you two kissing and holding hands, as we instructed you to do.
  • In-your-face shots of you during your first kiss that we stomped on grandma in order to capture .

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